tutoring - $80/hour ($70/hour cash)

Do you have a high-school or junior-high student struggling to keep up in Spanish? (And falling behind in Spanish usually happens at an exponential rate!)

Or would you like extra practice for your elementary student in a dual-language program?

Contact me to schedule a free evaluation.

My creative methods and unique perspective will make sense, and we'll never simply rehash the same material in the same way.

I have developed a wide variety of browser-based apps, and each student has a password-protected page with links provided for extra practice with vocabulary and structure.

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holly and daughters reese and piper

My daughters are both enrolled at a dual-language school, and I am so glad we participated in Steve's summer class for kids and their parents. My degrees are in linguistics and French, and this program is unlike anything I've ever seen. With his creative methods to explain and practice language, Spanish just makes a lot of sense. And my girls really love the apps to practice on their own!

students say...

steven getz's teen students say...

...there's no way I would have passed if it weren't for him, let alone gotten a solid B in Spanish 1. - B.W.

...I learned more about verbs in one seminar than I did in Spanish 1 and 2 combined. They actually make sense now. I wish I could have started Spanish 1 with a clear understanding of how verbs REALLY work. - E.M.

...the way he explains sentence structure with just 4 colors makes all the difference. All the confusing grammar from Spanish 1, 2, and 3 suddenly came into focus. His methods to explain Spanish and practice it are really fantastic! - M.J.

...I was so confused by accent marks, and I lost points on every test and quiz, enough to drop a letter grade. They were never explained, and I was expected to just memorize them as part of spelling. In my first lesson, he explained the rules simply and visually with shapes instead of letters. Once you can see the rules, they're easy to apply to any word. Now that I know the pronunciation rules, everything in Spanish is easier, especially all those accent marks on verb tenses. - J.T.

...last year I never tried to speak Spanish in front of class because I was afraid of sounding funny and getting the wrong answer. He makes it so much easier for me to speak in class. - K.K.