So glad to be in Austin! As I build my new schedule, I am casting a wide net by offering a range of possible short-, mid-, and long-term options. Check them out using the menu to the left, then let me know which options appeal to you.

Just submit my quick and comprehensive contact form / foreign-language profile & application.


The quality of my classes strongly depends on the right students grouped together at the right level, so I personally place every student, and do not provide a way for new students to register themselves on-line.

rolling admissions

If there is room in a level-appropriate section of my long-term Conversational Foundations class, new students can join the program at any time with pro-rated tuition.

Many students, especially those with a background, won't be able to make an informed decision by simply looking at a schedule on line, so don't hesitate to contact me.

adults say...

steven getz's adult students say... class is small, allowing everyone to speak comfortably. I really enjoy the non-traditional methods and the individualized attention. - E.P. and engaging, and I found the course to be well designed. - M.S.

...I've taken a lot of formal language classes, but haven't ever enjoyed it this much. The curriculum is completely different, and I also appreciate the visual nature as well as the interactive practice. - A.Y.

...a language teacher myself, I've encountered many approaches, and I find his to be the most organized, interesting, and fun, combining activities for all styles of learning. The visual aspect is really great. - R.M.

...I have taken other Spanish classes before, and learning Spanish wasn't easy. But the experience he provides has been enjoyable and effective... the material is presented in a logical manner with slick multi-media presentations and speaking activities that are interesting. - J.M.