start seeing spanish the way i do


To clearly explain and practice pronunciation, sentence structure, verb forms, and vocabulary, I have developed the following four innovative methods that work together to make real language:


My "Fondamentos" ("Phondamentals", a play on words of PHONetics and funDAMENTALS) method teaches the rules of saying and hearing Spanish using just four shapes along with my copyrighted phonetic font. You'll master all the standard pronunciation rules of Spanish quickly and easily, including accent marks.

Pronunciation is one of the most neglected aspects of Spanish. Surprisingly, modern language-teaching methodology purposely avoids focused instruction in proper pronunciation, especially for beginners, thereby ensuring that most adult learners will always have a strong non-native accent.

But not at Intelengua: it's one of the first things you'll start to master, and I make it easy. As a beginner, with my methods you can quickly achieve better pronunciation than most English-speakers do after years of study, and even after having lived or studied abroad.

And of course, knowing how to say Spanish will help you know how to hear Spanish, even natives speaking at their natural rate.


My "Cromagramática" ("Chromagrammar") method explains 99% of Spanish grammar with just four colors, and even the most advanced structures are a snap. You'll literally see how to build a sentence in Spanish like the rules of a game: which color goes where and does what.

You'll never blindly memorize phrases (a popular method, especially for beginners): I'll always tell you how to put words together and why.

If you've taken Spanish (or another language) before, you'll notice right away that my explanations will be very different and surprisingly clear.


My "Verbolocidad" ("Verbolocity") method makes mastering Spanish verb forms logical and unbelievably speedy.

Along with my on-line apps, my full-color verb books (included with tuition) will ensure that you master verbs quickly, and with very little effort. In just 15 to 20 minutes a day, you'll learn more in three or four months than you typically would in three or four years. In fact, most of my students will have a solid understanding of nine tenses after only 5 to 6 lessons.


My "Faciléxico" ("Facilexicon" meaning "Easy Vocabulary") method groups vocabulary into logical themes and puts words together into power phrases. The color-coded vocabulary visually corresponds with my other methods, forming a cohesive and comprehensive system that is highly effective.

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