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A calculator can't teach you math: it's a tool you have to learn how to use.

And in much the same way you'll have to learn how to use "The Smart Book of Spanish Verbs". This is a tool that requires some commitment and motivation.

Even before your copy arrives, you should get started right away with the on-line component, "Verbolocidad".

Whether you're a total beginner or have experience, the on-line component "Verbolocidad" will take you through 4 years of regular Spanish verbs in just 4 weeks of meticulously sequenced and carefully paced daily practice.

Head to to make your free "Guest" account, making sure to include your first and last names and e-mail. (You may also want to scroll down the page and watch the videos to get your feet wet!)

With your free "Guest" account, you will have immediate access to the first week of Verbolocidad Course 1 (regular Spanish verbs) as well as immediate access to the entire accent-mark course Fondamentos.

As you work through course 1, after a few lessons you'll learn to gauge what you can skim and skip, finding your own pace for a particular activity, for a particular lesson, as well as for the entire trajectory of the course.

I will keep a lookout for your new account, and bump it up to "Total Access" so you can continue through the entire 4-week Verbolocidad program.

Based on your individual goals and background in Spanish, I can give you some personalized tips, so feel free to send me those details using the contact form.